Hydraulic Service Manifolds
Specifications (1.4MB)
Flexible single or multi-station hydraulic manifolds with switching and conditioning.

HSM Hydraulic Service Manifolds (HSM) are used to isolate the pump from the test stand, while providing accumulation and filtering. Separate filtered circuits are available for valve pilot and hydrostatic bearing pressures when needed. Multiple stations are also available, each with switchable low and high pressure solenoids, and pressure gauges for monitoring the output pressures. With the application of accumulators, relief valves, port control valves and check valves, a critically designed manifold block assures a clean and constant hydraulic supply for varied applications.

BIA West manifolds have full flow 10 micron filtration for the main circuit, and where applicable, 3 micron full flow filtration for the servo valve pilot and hydrostatic bearing circuits. Fluid filtration protects components downstream from impurities in the hydraulic oil.

All manifolds have a slow pressure ramp when moving from OFF to LOW to HIGH pressure. This removes pressure pulses and protects your specimen and personnel from sudden load or displacement spikes. 24v solenoid operation means that the manifolds are fully compatible with BIA West, and other manufacturer’s controllers.


Manifolds can be configured with a range of accumulator options to smooth noise in the hydraulic supply, and ensure a constant pressure at the servo valve during transient events. Our bladder style accumulators provide the fastest response time possible, and provide a perfect seal at the gas/oil interface, reducing the need for maintenance. BIA West Hydraulic Service Manifolds set the standard for hydraulic service manifolds with advanced design, quality components, and variety of options.

The floor mounted 21 Series HSM offers one channel of switched control providing off/low/high with ramping between modes. Manufactured in 30, 60, 120, 250, 300 and 600 gpm standard sizes. The 21 Series can be supplied with auxiliary outputs in parallel or an output header manifold with multiple sets of parallel ports.

The 22 Series HSM has the ability to be configured with up to 4 independently switched stations.

Special high flow manifolds are available on request, along with manifolds with special accumulation requirements.

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