94 Series Structural Actuators
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94 Actuator
Double acting, double-ended, fatigue rated linear actuators with hydrostatic bearings for dynamic testing of structures and components.

The 94 Series double-ended actuators have equal areas for tensile and compressive loading, making them linear as the dynamic test load transitions through zero.

These Actuators feature hydrostatic bearings in their end-caps, which support the piston rod with very low friction, and prevent the rod from galling under high side loads. The 94 Series Actuators also feature polymer back-up bearings to protect the rod if the hydraulic bearing fails for any reason.

94 Series Actuators are typically used in structural test applications where the load is bi-directional, dynamic, and where the actuator is subjected to side load, or where low distortion due to friction is important. These actuators are the most expensive in our product line, and the most versatile.

BIA West 94 Series Actuators are fatigue rated, with a chrome plated one piece heat treated alloy piston rod. Hydraulic cushions in the end-caps prevent damage in the event of a runaway condition.

94 Series Actuators can be sized to meet your specific needs, with standard stroke lengths from 6 inch (150 mm) to 20 inch (500 mm), and force ratings from 5.5 kip (25 kN) to 1,000 kip (4,500 kN). Other stroke lengths and force ratings up to 2,000 kip (10,000 kN) are available on request.
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