306 Series Loadframes
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Specifications (3.3MB)
Axial Torsional
Rigid two and four column fatigue-rated tension/torsion load frames for biaxial material or component characterization.

Our load frames are versatile test systems used for a variety of applications, from simple monotonic proof tests, to highly complex Thermo Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) experiments. The systems can be configured to run standard ASTM tests as well as unique custom protocols. The load frames are paired with our industry leading controller, and pumps to create highly accurate and durable test instruments.

The load frame structure is specifically designed to provide maximum rigidity for axial/torsional applications. The Series 306 features a 2-column symmetrical construction with a fixed-platen and moveable crosshead on hydraulic lifts. On our free standing units, both actuators are mounted below the platen with the load cell affixed to the crosshead. In the case of the table-top machine, the actuators are mounted on the crosshead and the load cell is below. Note that larger 4-column biaxial frames are also available, we also build large frames with crosshead mounted actuators and floor-level T-Slotted bases.

The 306 Series load frames come in standard configurations (see Specifications) with other force/torque combinations and configurations available on request. All units are delivered fully equipped including linear and rotary actuators, servo valves, service manifold, biaxial load cell, RDT and LVDT.

The 306 Series Load Frame can be supplied with a variety of accessories such as hydraulic crosshead locks, load cells, grips, furnaces, environmental chambers, and extensometers to meet your specific testing needs.

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