Whisperpak Hydraulic Power Supply
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Acoustically treated submerged pumps, best in class quiet hydraulic power supplies.

The BIA West WhisperPak series quiet submerged pumps are acoustically treated laboratory quality hydraulic power supplies designed to meet the exacting requirements of servo-hydraulic control systems. These power supplies utilize quality components and micro-clean filtration to provide trouble-free long life with minimum maintenance. A complete system of interlocks and controls allow failsafe unattended continuous operation.. Low noise level and leak-free components allow placement directly in the laboratory next to the test equipment. These pumps are ideal when hydraulic power is needed close to the test machine and the cost of installing a large centralized pump-room based HPS is impractical or too expensive.

The industry-leading low noise level of these pumps is achieved by the use of inherently quiet components and insulated cabinetry, and submerged pump/motor units inside the stainless steel hydraulic oil tank. The pumping assembly is mounted with isolators in a completely sealed, acoustically treated enclosure to eliminate airborne noise and prevent heat discharge into the surrounding environment. Output is connected through low velocity flexible hoses to a piping interface manifold. All high pressure connections utilize o-ring fittings or welded joints to eliminate external oil leaks. Units range in size from 7.5 gpm to 180 gpm (30 lpm to 700 lpm) . Standard units are wired for 380/460 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz. Other voltages and frequencies are available.

Others have found that using a submerged-pump configuration can lead to overheating oil when the system flow demands are low. To solve this problem, we have developed a unique and very reliable solution. By installing a through-drive on the pump, we are able to run a second small pump in series, which is dedicated to circulating oil through a cooling and filtering circuit. This ensures that the oil maintains a stable temperature regardless of demand, and is kept cleaner by filtering through a kidney-loop. This is a more efficient than the bypassing approach taken by our competitors.

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