92E Series Single Ended Actuators
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92 Acuator
Cost effective double acting, single ended fatigue rated linear actuators for static testing of structures and components.

BIA West has completely re-engineered our very popular 92 Series Actuators to provide you with a value-engineered fatigue rated actuator that is ideally suited for static low-cycle structural testing.

92E Series Actuators have an unequal area for tensile and compressive forces, and are typically used in applications where the load is unidirectional (does not span zero). They are more cost effective than equivalent double ended actuators, and their compact size means that they can be easily built with long stroke lengths.

BIA West 92E Series Actuators are fatigue rated, with a chrome plated heat treated alloy piston rod and high integrity polymer bearings. They are also designed for ease of maintenance with a removable seal and bearing system. Seals and bearings can easily be replaced in the field by your own technicians, using our reasonably priced repair kit, reducing the cost of maintenance, and minimizing downtime.

92E Series Actuators can be sized to meet your specific needs, from 10 inch (250 mm) to 40 inch (1000 mm) stroke lengths, and force ratings from 10 kip (40 kN) to 760 kip (3,400 kN). Other stroke lengths and force ratings up to 2,000 kip (10,000 kN) are available on request.

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