About Us

BIA West specializes in servo-hydraulic and electro-magnetic test machines for durability fatigue and vibration, including turn-key test systems, controllers, actuators, servo valves, manifolds, hydraulic power supplies and hydraulic distribution. Our skill is in taking these core technologies, and applying them to meet your unique test specifications.

The company is based in the City of Industry, California. Located in a single large facility, BIA West maintains complete control of processes by housing its development, design and build operations in one building, which comprises:

  • Advanced software and hardware product development lab
  • Mechanical design area with high-powered CAD and engineering analysis workstations
  • Large, fully equipped CNC machine shop
  • Electronics assembly area
  • Fabrication and paint shop
  • Hydraulic assembly and testing area with a high-bay annex
Based in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, we have access to a vast network of aerospace vendors, who are practiced in high-precision low volume processes.
BIA West, Inc.     19888 Quiroz Ct., City of Industry, CA 91789 USA    +1-626-386-5700